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Global Healing Rally Online Seminar

This page contains notes from an online video seminar, given by Mikael Kindborg at the Global Healing Rally, on March 31, 2020.

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Mindful Presence - Inspirational Talk and Meditation

We will explore how to find presence, stability, calm, lightness and joy, through mindful meditation on the contact with the Physical World and the Four Elements.

Exit the thought bubble and go into the present

Exit the thought bubble and go into the present


I am Mikael.

I will talk about mindfulness.

I want to say that I don't provide health advice. I am not a medical doctor. What I say is based on my own experience.

I develop mindfulness methods.

Why Do We Worry?

Why do we worry? Why do we feel stressed? Why are we not happy all the time?

One reason is that we think. We imagine things.

We can easily think about things that don't exist yet. Things that we believe may happen in the future.

We can imagine a bright a future, and we also can imagine a dark future. Our minds allow us to do both.

This is a great capacity we have. We can predict what we think might happen, we can prepare and plan for the future. That is a good thing to be able to do.

We can be very creative. We can think about almost anything. Think about that which does not exist. Build fantasy worlds and create inventions in our minds. It is a wonderful capacity we have.

But our thinking capacity can make us worry and become stressed. Because we create scenarios in our minds. We think about what might happen, what might go wrong.

If we get caught in negative thinking, that can consume us. The negative thoughts then define our perception of the world. We become our thoughts, so to speak.

The Power of Words

When we think we say things to ourselves. When I think about me, I say thinks like "I...", and "I am ...". "I am stressed", for example. "Oh I am so stressed", "I am so worried", "I feel miserable", "I feel really sick", "I am going to die".

Those things that we say to ourselves in our minds, that is programming. We program ourselves. We program our own reality.

Those words become our reality. Those thoughts eventually become real for us. Our thinking is a major cause for us feeling bad.

Mindful Presence

Mindful Presence is about being here and now, being consciously aware of the present.

Become present by redirecting your awareness to your physical existence

Become present by redirecting your awareness to your physical existence

When being in the present, we are not in the future, and not in the past. When we use our mental capacity to focus on the present, we can get a break from our thoughts.

Thinking is like being in a bubble. Imagine a being in a bubble about two meters in diameter, with your head in the center.

Inside that bubble all of our every day thinking goes on, that is essentially the world we live in.

We Judge

Most of the time we think about stuff, we analyze what we experience, judge things, categorize things as good or bad, and get emotional about it.

We judge our lives. What we do, how we feel, and what we eat. "This tastes good", "This tastes bad".

We criticize, talk about people, gossiping, trash talking. We build this world of our own, and we build it together with others, and we affect others with our thoughts and with what we say.

Positive Words

Rather than saying "I am miserable", I can say "I am happy." And that feels a bit better. I am happy, I am relaxed, I feel calm."

We are still inside the thought bubble, we still program ourselves, but in a positive way, using affirmations. This can be good and beneficial for us. It is much better than saying "I am worthless." Much better to say "I am valuable", "I am important".

But the mind is still operating inside the thought bubble. With mindful presence, what you can do, is that you can exit the thought bubble.

Exit the Thought Bubble

Exit the thought bubble

Exit the thought bubble

When you exit the thought bubble, you can experience a state of being, where you don't think in terms of good or bad. You are not analyzing and judging what you experience, you just experience. You do this with your senses.

The way out of the thought bubble is to focus on your physical presence. Direct your awareness to your body and your surroundings.

When I talk, and you listen, making sense of what I say, we are in the analytical world. We are in the intellectual world. We are still in the thought bubble. Watching this video, using your mobile phone or computer, that is a thought bubble activity.

But you can easily connect to the world outside of the thought bubble.

Touching Reality is a Mindfulness Method - Sense of Touch

You can easily connect to what I call True Reality, just by looking around you. Everything that you can see that you can touch, is real.

I can touch my body, it is real. This is not thoughts about the future or the past. It is not feeling regret. It is not worrying about what will happen. It is about experiencing what is here now.

Touch is a very powerful sense. What you can touch exists in the present.

Taste is touching with the inside of your mouth. Taste and smell, and do it without judging, without going analytical about it. Just experience the taste.

The Element of Earth - Support From the Ground

Experience the sense of touch. Experience contact with the ground, the floor, the chair, or the bed. Feel into the gravity. Experience the way the Earth supports you.

The ground is incredibly stable. The Earth provides you with stability.

Feel your feet in contact with the ground. You can feel that right now. You can feel the support from the ground all the time, when you are standing, sitting, or lying down.

You are always supported by the ground.

Meditating on the stability of the ground

Meditating on the stability of the ground

The Element of Air

I love the Four Elements. They provide presence and insight.

I am in contact with the air that surrounds me, the air touching my hands, the air touching my face. I can feel the temperature of the air touching my skin.

When I breathe, I can feel the air flowing into my body, and the air flowing out of my body. The air touching my nose, my nostrils.

Such lightness. The air is so light, so delightful.

The air is completely transparent. You can see things far away. When I look at my hand, there is nothing to obscure my vision. It is very clear.

There is no resistance. When I move my hand though the air, it is so easy. There is nothing to stop the movement.

We have the stability of the ground, gravity supporting us, so that we don't float away. Gravity makes us powerful. We can run and jump.

We can be still, and lie down comfortably, and enjoy the support of our bed. The ground supports us. We can sit down and feel that support at any time.

And we can move, it is so easy. Air is completely different from the ground. The air provides no resistance. And we can feel the wind.

Meditating on the elements of nature

Meditating on the elements of nature

Mindful Presence

To me this is the essence of mindful presence. A way to get out of the thought bubble, to get a break from your thoughts. For a moment your thoughts are not your reality any more.

When you are in this presence, with the elements, feeling your body, the contact with your surroundings, touching things, then you are meditating on your physical existence.

This is meditation, directing your awareness and focus on something. And you do it, importantly, without judging. Without going into analytical mind. Don't go into emotional mode. Just experience what is here.

You don't have to evaluate your experience, you just have to experience it. The pure experience. If you are not used to that, it can take a while to get the hang of it. You need to practice letting go of your preferences, and being the neutral observer.

Thoughts Flow

Thoughts come all the time. When a thought pops up, thinking or worrying about something, that is not reality, not now. I am not that thought, I let go of that thought. It is just a thought, they come all the time. It is like air or water, they flow.

Thoughts are beautiful, they flow all the time. And you can use them if you want, they are a tool you can use. Be creative, dream and plan things. But not now. Just let go of that thought.

Direct your awareness to your body. Your body in contact with your surroundings. Breath, the contact with the air.

The Element of Water

Water is a very dynamic and flowing element. When you swim the water surrounds you, sort of hugs you. Very special feeling to be in water. The sense of touch.

We have water inside our bodies. Lots of fluids in our bodies. We are more than half water. Walking on Earth.

Water is the Source of Life. We originate from water. Water is essential for us.

The moist inside your mouth. Go into that feeling.

Drifting Mind

During our day, we may not pay attention to these aspects of life. We take them so much for granted.

We don't expect the ground to be anything but stable. Because then we would sink into it, and that does not happen very often. So we take the ground for granted.

So we may not appreciate it, we don't thing about it, we think about other things. Those other things can make us drift away, and go into the analytical and emotional state of mind.

f we go back to the basic elements of our existence, and bring our awareness to them and focus on them, we can reach a state of being that is filled with stillness, calm, clarity, lightness, and joy.

Not having to do anything, not having to perform, just existing, can be a very joyous experience. A sense of wholeness may manifest in you, and around you.

The Element of Fire

The Sun shining, warmth, the energy inside our bodies. The element of Fire.

When we eat something, or drink something, perhaps something hot, it gives us energy.

Fire is energy. The energy we have in life.We can be creative. We have lots of energy.

We are capable. We are very capable, we can act, run, and do thing. We can move our bodies.

Our bodies are warm. When you touch someone, you can feel the warmth of that person.

To me the Four Elements bring existence on Earth together in a very beautiful way.

The Fifth Element

For me, the Fifth Element is Life, Love and Light. That spark in everything living. Our connection to the Spirits.

I believe that the physical connects us with the spirits. Trees, plants, animals, rocks. To me, connecting to the physical world is also connecting to the spirit world.

Personally, I get so much help from the elements and from life itself. They take me into the present. The present is very important for me. The physical present. Because I use my senses. That is what I have here on Earth. I have my senses.

I can touch, I can feel, I can taste, I can hear, I can look around me. What I see is real. What I see is the present. What I touch is the present.

I am always in the present. My body is always in the present. It can never be in the past. It can never be in the future. That is why my body and the physical is so important to me, because I know I can always go into the present.

Mindfulness Script Method

When I do mindfulness, I use a method. I use a script, which has mantras, or affirmations. I say things like "I am present", "I am conscious", "I exist here and now", "I am aware of my body". Such mantras are part of a script.

I use this method every day. Anywhere I happen to be. I don't use any mindfulness app. I say the script from memory, and also improvise.

I do some guided meditations, like Yoga Nidra, but when I do mindfulness, I use the method of saying the script to myself, either silently (thinking the words) or aloud.

Yoga Nidra has been an important inspiration for the scripts and mantras I use.

A script can be viewed as a program, with mantras being the programming instructions. We are not computers, but we are programmable.

We are programmed throughout our lives, from the day we are born. By parents, school, media and much on.

Our programming is unbelievably deep. The programming of our thought bubbles. That is why it can be difficult to view life from another point of view. To step out of our programming. Our programming is our reality.

Doing a mindfulness script is a way to reprogram yourself.

Here is a script you can learn and do yourself. You can modify it so that it fits your specific situation and your needs.

The script assumes you are sitting down. Your feet on the floor. You can also do the meditation standing or lying down. You can then adjust the script for that situation.

Say the words to yourself, silently or aloud.

If you find the script too long, you can shorten it by selecting the mantras you want to use. You can even start with just one or two of the mantras.

The script begins.

  • I am conscious

  • I am present

  • I exist here and now

  • I am aware of my body

  • I am aware of my feet

  • My feet in contact with the floor

  • The soles of my feet in contact with the surface of the floor

  • My body in contact with the chair

  • The chair supporting my body

  • The stability of the floor

  • The support of the floor and the chair

  • I am aware of the air that surrounds me

  • There is air in the room

  • Air is flowing into my body, and out of my body

  • I am breathing in

  • I am breathing out

  • Breathing in

  • Breathing out

  • Breathing in

  • Breathing out

  • I feel my belly moving as I breathe

  • My belly rising on the inbreath, and falling on the outbreath

  • I follow my breath

  • The flow of air

  • Air touching my nostrils

  • I exist here and now

  • If a thought comes, I just let go of the thought

  • The thoughts are not my reality

  • My physical existence is my reality

  • My body is real

  • The floor is real

  • The air is real

  • My breath is real

  • My existence is real

  • I am conscious

  • I am present

  • I am doing a mindfulness meditation

  • I am aware of where I am, and what time it is

The script ends.

Using a mindfulness script to become present

Using a mindfulness script to become present

I use this method every day. It usually works to take me out of negative and burdensome thoughts.

Since ancient times, the ability to analyze and judge what happens around us, has been critical for our survival. For example, to be able to tell if a plant is edible. Or to determine if a situation presents a danger to us.

But in modern days, it is as if our analytical and emotional mind has been hijacked. We can obsess over things in life that are not that important to us. We can stress ourselves into becoming exhausted and sick, even when there is no real danger present.

This is why it can be helpful to do mindfulness. It is a way to reset the mind. To go a bit easier in life. Not obsessing over details. Not having to perform. Not having to achieve something. Simply exist.

Existing here and now can be a very blissful and joyous experience. It takes some practice to get the hang of mindful presence. It is like when exercising, or learning a new skill. It can take some time before the results come.

It is important to practice a little every day. Make awareness of your physical existence a part of your daily life. It is easy. And it can be fun. You just have to remember doing it.

Start with something simple. Say "I am present". That is a good beginning. It helps you to become aware of the present.

You can also practice saying "What I touch is real", while you are touching things.

Then you can build upon that. Take parts from the script above that you feel are useful for you. Make your own additions and alterations.

Remember that the mantras should be value-free. They should describe what is here and now in the physical world, without judging it. Use your senses. They are your connection to the present. Out of the thought bubble.

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