Ancient Consciousness Technologies

Historical Aspects of Consciousness Technology

One of our research activities is to investigate the ancients practices of yoga and shamanism. This can bring understanding of human history, and also provide knowledge useful for evolving our current society.

The ancient shamanic practices may not be a technology as we think of it today, but they had methods that could be used to achieve certain results. The same goes for yoga and other practices such as meditation. These are a kind of mental technology.

Mindfulness in Controversial Research

In our work, we use mindfulness as a research method. To become aware of our biases, and approach controversial subjects from an objective point of view. We are driven by curiosity, we want to find out, but we also want to be true available evidence.

There are many things about history we will probably never know for sure. Even when we don't now, it can be relavant to study the subject, and make educated guesses. This why illustrations are so important. They allow us to visualize and consider different alternatives.

One should not dismiss the "Sense of Wonder" in historical research. Many people who are interested in ancient history, and in human consciousness, are truly curious. As humans, we are here to explore this planet and its remarkable history.

Look Outside of the Thought Bubble

Mindfulness allows us to step out our thought bubbles, and go into the unknown with a curious mindset. Being in a state of mindful presence, we can enjoy exploring the many aspects and mysteries of our existence, and perhaps discover new knowledge we could not even dream of.

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