About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a Consciousness Technology

Mindfulness is a consciousness technology we can use wherever we are.

The actual technology is the method of redirecting our minds to the present, letting go of judgements and preconceptions.

How Mindfulness Works

Right now, when you are reading this text, you are in the world of thoughts, the part of your mind that is analyzing and evaluating what you experience.

The analytical mind is where we think. We can think about the past and the future. Thinking about things that may happen, can make us feel stressed and worried.

By redirecing your mind to your physical present and your senses, you can get a break from the thought world.

Touch something. Feel your body. Your feet on the ground. The air that surrounds you. Your breath. This is the True Reality.

The thoughts you are experiencing are not your reality. You think they are the reality. But the reality is in the present. What is here and now. What you can touch is your reality.

Mindfulness as a Method for Clarity

Mindfulness can be used to let go of all the details and thoughts that clouds your perception. This can help us to gain insight and approach a subject from a non-biased perspective.

Mindfulness as a Research Method

Mindfulness can be used as a research method. By consciously becoming non-judgmental you can detach from preconceptions and let your curiosity and creativity direct you.

Mindfulness for Personal Benefit and Joy

Mindfulness can be very useful for introducing calm, stability, clarity, and joy, into your personal life.

By doing mindfulness, we can let go stress and worries for a moment. Stepping out of our thought bubble allows us to take a break, and get a new perspective on what goes on in our minds.

We think about something nearly every second during the day. Our thoughts program us. Our thoughts shape our lives.

Programming your mind by doing mindfulness is like a using a consciousness technology to change how you experience your daily life.

Become present by redirecting your awareness to your physical existence

Become present by redirecting your awareness to your physical existence

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