Ancient Mysteries


Tale of a Sunken City: Ancient Mysteries Illustrated

Tale of a Sunken City: Ancient Mysteries Illustrated

The book Tale of a Sunken City is an investigation into the mystery of a lost civilization that is belived to have existed at the end of the last ice age.

What would we see if we were to travel back in time to a prehistoric ice age city? What did life on the streets look like? How did the inhabitants live and what did they wear? Why do we know so little about them? What did they come to witness during the cataclysm they faced 12,800 years ago?

Read the book to find out!

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Ancient Anomalies

Ancient Mysteries Illustrated

We are now working on our next book which is about ancient anomalies. In this book we will invesigate and visualize mysterious events and artifacts.

Our goal with this book is to make findings presented in documentaries and litterature more understandable and accessible.

We use illustrations, information graphics, and textual descriptions, to let people form an understanding about the many groundbreaking and somtimes controversial findings in Forbidden Archeology and related fields.

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