What Is Left After a Lost City?

Gösta Lindwall, April 18, 2021

What is left after a lost city? — This question is often aired in discussions and films about ancient civilisations lost in the far past.

As an example, it is common to depict a hypothetical skyscraper where the viewers can follow it's downfall and decay until there is nothing left but the stony foundations. In our book Tale of a Sunken City we follow in the same manner a hypothetical coastal town through tsunamis and floods until it's covered by hundreds of feet of water.

The illustration below depicts a building before and after a cataclysm, up until it rests submerged on the seafloor.

Illustration of what happens to an ancient sunken city

This illustration shows an ideal situation where the aged construction ends up on a hard bottom not covered by sand and silk. The inspiration comes from underwater pictures showing remains of old buildings.

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