Watchtower of Science - Is There a Knowledge Filter in Historical Research?

Gösta Lindwall, March 22, 2020

The guardians of the established framework

The guardians of the established framework

Many people have a perception of resistance from established science towards new ideas and alternative historical research.

What seems absolutely plausible and totally logical facts, is sometimes meet incomprehensible silence from researchers. Even when architectural findings, anomalous artifacts, and results from other scientific disciplines, disproves the historical framework, the established timeline remains steadfast.

Even obvious cases, like the ”Sphinx water erosion hypothesis”, where Robert Schoch geologically shows that the water erosion on the walls surrounding the sphinx, makes it at least 7000 BCE or earlier, seems to be met with skepticism from historians.

This phenomenon can in many cases be explained by the scientific method itself, which can be slow due to its systematic and thorough process. The beginnings of human civilisation is slowly being pushed back in the established time scale.

We have found many different speculations and plausible reasons why the time frame seems to be carefully protected:

- The knowledge filtration. Built in flaws and filtration in the historical research process and its consensus-based resistance to change.

- Struggle between religion and atheism which created a skepticism against flood myths and other stories.

- Uniformism as a scientific model has objected all cataclysmic hypotheses.

- Colonialism. Indigenous people needed to be portrayed as primitive, and in need of help and salvation, in order to steel and confiscate their country.

- Racism, which may have caused historical conclusions made researchers reject the idea of a high culture, and advanced technology among ”primitive” people.

- People tend to conform with group consensus in fear of being excluded.

- Desire to be included in collegiate groups, be respected by colleagues, and rise in group hierarchy.

- Resistance to new ideas by scholars protecting their positions in academic hierarchy based on earlier work.

- ”Men in Black” scenarios, where some kind of authority is actively protecting the historical framework.

- Government cover up. Public awareness of a fallen high civilisation in the past would contradict the capacity and authority of the ruling elite, and would be demoralizing from their point of view.

- People would simply start to question the current situation if they knew a more advanced and “better” civilization existed.

In the book we are working on, we are researching different aspects of these speculations and the facts behind them.

The satirical illustration below, highlights the existence of a knowledge filtration process that dismisses research that falls outside of the established paradigm.

Is there a watchtower, where the guardians protect the official version of the historical framework?

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