Men in Black?

By Gösta Lindwall and Mikael Kindborg, April 10, 2020

Are there "Men in Black" teams that protect the existence of unknown archeological findings?

The World We Were Born Into

We live in interesting times. Much has happened in this millennia alone. For a person seeing himself or herself as a curious observer of the world and of human behaviour, these times are possibly the most interesting ever.

An incredible development has taken place since we were born in the 1960s. For many people of our generation, it has also been a time mostly free of devastating wars, and full of technological optimism.

The IT sector can in terms of technological development be compared to some of our childhood's sci-fi movies. When we grew up, we read printed books in libraries. Now, access to knowledge and information seems endless and instantly available.

For people with a special interest, the Internet provides, as never before, an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

A Time of Global Events

The information stream of major events, like the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, the climate debate, or the immigrant flow, are all subject to heated discussions, misunderstandings, and influence from various kinds of political propaganda campaigns.

There are a lot of rumours flying around. Like in some of the major elections in recent years, countries like Russia and China are accused of having Hacking Agents influencing the public opinion.

But when you are yourself part of an event like the Corona crisis, it is interesting to make some observations.

The Local Perspective

As you probably know, Sweden has a slightly different approach to handling the Corona epidemic. There is not the same amount of restrictions here as in many other countries.

This has made Sweden a target of attack from politicians, journalists, comedians, and others around the world. Donald Trump himself has talked about the ”difficulties” of Sweden.

We don't know the final outcome of this, but at present day, in the reality we are experiencing, it is nothing like the picture that is given around the world.

One explanation for the different viewpoints and opinions, could be that people are using their own situation as a reference. The demographic of Sweden is quite different from many other western countries.

Our country is sparsely populated. We have some bigger cities, but on average, there are 25 citizens per square kilometer, and the rate of single households is the highest in the world.

Information Campaigns and Men in Black

Are there Men in Black that controls the flow of information and desinformation?

Are there "Men in Black" that controls the flow of information and desinformation?

To us, the phenomena of influencing and restricting information raises lots of questions.

Are there powers capable of planning and conducting very long term operations, steering the world in the direction they want?

Are there "Men in Black" teams, assigned to global desinformation and censoring?

Or is the information control and bias we see in some areas, a result of group pressure and other social mechanisms? Possibly in combination with influential groups and politicians that push their agendas?

Forbidden Archeology

In the field we are interested in, "Forbidden Archeology", we have been speculating that there exists some kind of influence that favours and protects the official timeline.

There are many examples of both credible and significant findings that would warrant scientific investigation, but are refuted, ridiculed, and ignored, by established science.

It can at times be difficult to assess the credibility of material published on the Internet. Some, apparently sensitive, subjects are even banned by social media and video sharing sites, and get deleted or delisted. Does that mean they present "false facts"? Or is it part of a discredit campaign?

Then there are other subjects, which do stand out as questionable, that do not seem to be banned, such as the Flat Earth theory. (Note, however, that we do not promote any kind of censoring). Are these "false flag" theories used to keep people distracted?

Who Cares About This?

Lastly, there is the phenomenon of uninterest and rejection among people.

Why is it that when one introduces an "alternative" theory to some friends or relatives, many of them instantly write it off, or are not interested in hearing about it?

Is it because of desinformation? Is it because of the educational system? Social pressure? Fear of the truth? Or are alternative theories just nutty ideas floating around?

Why does it seem like many people are not interested in the search for truth?

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