Interactive Mayan Sculpture

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Renderings of a Mayan clay sculpture

Original Mayan Clay Sculpture

This well known Mayan sculpture is often claimed to be an example of some kind of high tech application being used in ancient times.

Use the buttons above the image to switch between different interpretations of the sculpture.

Shamanic Ritual Dress?

Just by viewing the details in the sculpture, the woven textile fibers, ropes and different kind of handicraft, makes a shamanic ritual dress seem plausible.

And perhaps the shamanic dress is a representation of a cargo cult? The clay sculpture is then depicting a ritualistic version of a cultural collective memory of an encounter with a more advanced technological civilisation.

Astronaut or Diver?

Some people see this sculpture as a representation of some kind of astronaut or diver. Perhaps the sculpture was made by someone who saw people from a technologically advanced society? Or perhaps the sculpture depicts the remains of an even earlier lost civilization?

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