Review of Our Book by Mark Carlotto

Mikael Kindborg and Gösta Lindwall, April 5, 2021

We recently got a review on Amazon for our book Tale of a Sunken City: Ancient Mysteries Illustrated by author and scientist Dr. Mark Carlotto.

Dr. Carlotto is an aerospace engineer with over thirty years of experience in subjects such as satellite imaging and image processing. He has published over one hundred technical articles and written six books. His books include Before Atlantis: New Evidence of a Previous Technological Civilization, in which he proposes new answers to fundamental questions concerning human origins, ancient technology, and archaeological enigmas, and Not of this World: An Emerging Picture of the UFO Phenomenon.

Tale of a Sunken City is available both as a paperback and a Kindle ebook.

Screenshot of Mark Carlotto review of the book Tale of a Sunken City
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