Long Beach Underwater Formation – Potential Diving Expedition Site?

Mikael Kindborg and Gösta Lindwall, August 10, 2020

We have published a couple of posts lately about sonar scanning and sunken cities. Here is a formation outside Long Beach, California, US, that has some interesting characteristics.

Screenshot from Google Earth depicting underwater formation outside Long Beach, CA, US

Screenshot from Google Earth depicting underwater formation outside Long Beach, CA, US. Attribution: Google Earth; Data CSUMB SFML, CA OPC; Data USGS; Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO; Copyright © 2020 Google.

Is the long rectangular formation a sunken settlement with visible walls and and buildings covered with sediment? Or is the formation the result of a somewhat irregular sonar scan, where differences in resolution gives the impression of a walled area?

And what about the square formation that contains what could be said to look like buildings covered with layers of mud? This area shows no indications of sonar scanning artefacts.

The first formation is around 1700 x 350 meters, and the depth is around 25 meters. The second formation is an almost exact square of 535 meters, the depth is 23 meters. The size of what looks like the remains of buildings is around 10 to 20 meters. These formations are found at location 33°40'07"N 118°13'44"W.

The shallow depth would make it fully possible for people to dive on this site using standard scuba diving equipment. Distance from the port at Long Beach is 4 km. Side scan sonar used for finding fish and detecting underwater objects could also be used, to chart the area in greater detail. Any takers on this?

View location on Google Earth

View location on Google Maps

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