The Little Bloop Theory

Gösta Lindwall and Mikael Kindborg, July 7, 2021

Veda bloop - Sage meditating on bloops of consciousness

An ancient sage connects to the ever-present consciousness that generates the flow of the pulse that creates and destroys the materium 22 trillion times every second.

We are currently researching our second book about ancient mysteries, which will cover intriguing anomalies from our distant past, ancient myths, and their relation to human consciousness.

In this article, we present the research for one of the chapters of this upcoming book. The material is compiled from lectures given by independent researcher Clif High. Most of the article is based on what Clif High says in his video presentations, but there are also passages with interpretations and examples of our own.

We provide a list of links to the source videos at the end of the article.

The Physics of Everything

The Little Bloop Theory of Reality, presented by Clif High, is a modern version of knowledge found in the old Vedic scriptures. This theory is probably the most ancient recorded version of any creation theory, explaining the creation of the Universe and the physics of everything.

Clif High discusses his theory in several videos available on Youtube and Bitchute. He has done a number of interviews and lectures, supported by notes and graphics on his whiteboard. Clif High has not published any scientific papers on the Little Bloop Theory, but he frequently refers to “Theoria Philosophiæ Naturalis” as one of the sources, a book from 1763, written by Roger Joseph Boscovich (Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich).

Boscovich was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher, who lived in Europe 1711–1787. He developed a theory of "puncta", proposing that the Universe was made up of non-extent “points” that attracted and repelled each other. These points do not exist other than in the form of the forces they exert. (external reference)

In "Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis", Boscovich writes: “It will be found that everything depends on the composition of the forces with which these particles of matter act upon one another: and from these forces, as a matter of fact, all phenomena of Nature take their origin”.

It is quite common for alternative researchers, who work outside of the mainstream paradigm, to research old sources of knowledge. In society, we tend to believe that contemporary scientific findings are the most reliable and accurate sources of knowledge available. However, time after time, astonishing insights are found in old texts that have been overlooked or dismissed by the modern scientific community. Michael Cremo’s work on historical archeological findings is a stunning example of this.

It Began With a Small Bloop

According to the Little Bloop Theory, the Universe began as a “little bloop” of conscious energy expressed in an energetic pulse repeating itself. This pulse then created another pulse, which created another one, and so on, with a small growth factor added in every new pulse. When the first bloop came into existence, it multiplied at a slow rate, and then increasingly accelerated and expanded, eventually forming a vast space — the materium of the Universe as we know it today.

As the pulse crosses over itself, matter is created. As complexity increases matter becomes denser. All these multiplied little bloops are pulsating together, connected to the same frequency. The Universe keeps expanding because it is continuously filling up with new little bloops.

The energy in this process represents consciousness giving rise to the materium, and Clif High gives a detailed description of the process involved. Everything started with one single bloop and after that, it has been repeating itself ever since, at a frequency of 22 trillion times a second.

The bloops expand and grow a little in every repetition. For example; One bloop, 2 bloops, 3, 5, 8, and 13 bloops, and so on. It grows continuously. This growth factor, which adds energy in every pulse, is the engine for the process of creation.This also means that the complexity level rises, and condensed energy at certain points will create concentrated spots of particles in the materium.

Continuous Creation and Destruction of Reality

Buddha is referred to as having said: “There are one trillion Kalapas that are born and die every second, every blink of an eye, in sequence, one trillion of them.” (external reference)

The essence of the Little Bloop Theory is the continuous creation and destruction of matter, where the Universe is recreating itself continuously 22 trillion times every second. Clif High calls this the “Continuous Creation Destruction Model of Reality”.

There is a duality in each pulse, where the materium exists for a very short period of time, and then is destroyed and recreated again. In the gap between the pulses, there is a void where no matter exists. Not even time exists in this gap, so the void has no duration with respect to our notion of time.

The entire Universe is destructed and recreated in this fashion, 22 trillions times according to Clif High. He bases this value on the properties of hydrogen ions, but the full calculation has not been presented.

Graphically, Clif High draws this duality as a line representing a bloop or pulse, interrupted by a void, followed by a new pulse and a void.

Bloop duality Bloop sequence

The Physics of Matter

When the energy pulse crosses over itself, spots of matter are created. In so doing, the materium becomes denser and denser, matter is aggregated, and nexus points are formed.

There exists an immensely vast number of these nexus points within the materium. When certain criteria are met, a new little bloop of reality is formed. This little bloop is usually formed as a negative hydrogen ion.

Bloop start

The first particle created was a negative hydrogen ion, and it brought with it space and time. This negative hydrogen ion was the first seed block, the genesis block from which the entire Universe has come into existence.

In a drawing, Clif High goes into the attractive and repulsive magnetic force, oscillating between creating and destructing matter in every energy pulse.

Bloop pulse physics Bloop duality field

The Expanding Universe

It is the nature of this understanding of reality that the further the clustering of nexus points progresses, the faster the pulse will grow in complexity, resulting in an expanding materium. The growth of the materium is the sum of its previous size plus an increase. The Universe will thus grow larger over time.

Bloop growth

Particles also have magnetism. Particles of matter are surrounded by less dense energy, giving rise to magnetism and movement vectors, as the pulse destroys and recreates itself. Particles stick together because of the frequency of the magnetism. With increased complexity levels, more advanced substances and molecules emerge.

Bloop nature

The Materium

The materium is the reality or ”place” where human awareness and consciousness perceives time, matter and space. The materium encompasses all of existing matter, space and time in the Universe.

Consciousness exists independently of the materium and is not destroyed as the pulse is destroyed. It exists across the pulses and also in the void between them.

Furthermore, there is a consciousness of the Universe that also exists independently of the pulses and extends across the bridges of void and destruction. This universal consciousness contains a “blueprint” of the materium, and from this the materium is recreated with each pulse.

The universal consciousness serves as a kind of database of all events in the Universe and all of human activity. This is the perceived space where we all exist, as a unified field.

We all add to the Universe through our experience, with our consciousness floating through the materium. This collected experience forms an gigant database of all human expression, also known as the Akashic Records in esoteric circles.

What is Time?

Each and everyone of the hydrogen bloops that comes into existence are part of an atom and a molecule, and brings along what is necessary for it to exist within the materium itself, namely Space and Time.

Time is part of the bloops that form the materium. Time does not exist absent of the molecules in the particles that we perceive of in the materium. There is no time in the gaps between the energy bloops.

As each new pulse gets destroyed and is followed by a void, all of the materium, including time itself, is destroyed. A consequence of this is that the pause in the void has no duration in time.

The nature of the duration of the gaps, the voids of the pulse, is indeed an interesting topic of speculation. Since time as we know it does not exist in the void, we have no idea of how “long” it is. Everything we know is within the bounds of the materium, which is where “thinking”, “reasoning” and intellectual analysis take place.

But how long is the void for someone tuned into consciousness, which exists continuously and independent of the materium? Someone meditating for example.

In the realm of consciousness, time as we know it does not exist. It is mind-boggling to try to understand with our intellect what this would mean. Meditators and shamanic practitioners report that “time ceases to exist”. This is the experience they have, which is knowledge acquired outside of the intellect. Our analytical thinking is not able to fully understand or account for this. It is like being in love, it is a feeling, an experience, not a product of the intellect.

Is the materium created in what would be an instant in our time frame, or could it be that the consciousness of the Universe spends lots of “time” between each pulse, preparing for the creation of the next instance of the materium. Like 100 years?

And what can you accomplish in the void? Apparently it is possible to recreate the materium from it, or we would not exist. What else could you do?

Properties of Space and Time

Clif High describes space and locally effective and pan-materium aggregated. With time it is the reverse, it is pan-materium effective and locally aggregated. But what does this really mean?

Space is locally effective. Space and matter is not equally distributed throughout the materium. It forms local clusters and is therefore said to be locally effective and locally affected.

Space is pan-materium aggregated. Clif High uses “pan-materium” to refer to the materium of the Universe. Our perception of space and matter is such that we perceive the pan-materium as a whole. Thus space is conceptually “aggregated” to form the Universe from the perspective of the human observer. We perceive the pan-materium as one space that contains all matter that exists.

Time is pan-materium effective. The beat of the pulse is the same across the entire Universe. All of the matter of the entire Universe is destroyed and created within each pulse. It is not relevant to talk about local time in this model, where creation and destruction is universally synchronized. Time in this sense is therefore the same everywhere, and is said to be effective across the entire materium.

Time is locally aggregated. Time has very little local effect, and the pulse is the same no matter where you are. Time is therefore locally aggregated, in the sense that a human observer does not perceive time as forming a larger structure (which is the case with space and matter). Time does not have a structure as such, and therefore it is locally experienced, according to this model. I experience time as something happening where I am right now, and time is therefore said to be locally aggregated. (video reference)

Space time

The Ever-Present Now

Within each pulse there is the Now. It is not possible to travel in time, according to Clif High. The only place in time where you can exist, is in the present. The present now exists in the current pulse. The Now is always present and there is no other physical time. This is called the “Ever-Present Now”. This concept is also referenced in meditation and mindfulness.

Time is pan-materium effective. No matter where you go in the materium you are connected to the Now of the current pulse. The conscious memory of the Universe can only reproduce and grow from the energy and matter of the pulse that is Now. Therefore no other time than Now can exist.

Two Sides Of Time

We have seen that the beat of the pulse is the same for all people, everywhere. Time is the same no matter where you are, but at an individual level, the progression of time can be experienced differently depending on the state of the consciousness perceiving it.

Clif High describes time as having two aspects: Quantity and Perception. Quantity is the “tick, tack” of the beat of the pulse. Perception is how we experience time.

Our human brain normally registers around 30–60 frames per second. But there are cases when the perception of time is altered. For example, when experiencing an accident, the perception of time can change, and an individual might experience time two or three times faster than usual. As a result it feels as if time is slowing down. But it is our perception of time that changes.

Clif High mentions meditation practices and techniques for “hacking” consciousness. What he refers to, is that by tapping into the pulse, it is possible to alter how the pulse is perceived, and you may also be able to affect the pulse itself, or rather the “blueprint” of the pulse, which exists in the universal consciousness. According to Clif High, this is how UFO propulsion works, where a craft can move at incredible speed and turn in right angles.

Two sides of time


Because of the extremely high frequency of the pulse, humans have no means of detecting the creation and destruction of the materium. Our vision perceives this process as a continuous change over time, much like an animated film.

In fact, according to this model, everything is static and movement does not exist within a single pulse. Movement occurs when matter is recreated at a new location. One could say that movement occurs between the pulses, in the universal consciousness that recreates the materium.

Clif High describes movement as a less dense magnetic interaction or outburst of an oriented energy body, stretching out like a blueprint or movement vector from an object, like an astral body, pointing in the direction of the intended movement.

At the end of a pulse, the current version of the materium is destroyed, and remains only in the form of a memory in the consciousness of the Universe during the passage through the subsequent void.

As the materium is rebuilt, movement vectors in the memory are applied, and particles are recreated at new locations, compared to the previous pulse. This is what causes movement, and since this process is immensely fast, motion appears to be fluid for a human observer.

The subtle energetic bodies of these “blueprints” or movement vectors, are also static, but, as they are applied, denser matter takes their place and new blueprints are created in the direction of motion.

Sometimes people can feel these subtle bodies of matter approaching. It is as if the energetic field of an object provides a hint that something is on its way. This extended energy field around objects can explain the precognition some people experience shortly before an upcoming event. One example is when you have a feeling that the phone is going to ring, right at the moment before the call comes in, or when you anticipate a door opening, or feel that something or someone is coming your way.

In this model, humans also have subtle “blueprint” bodies that extend in their direction of movement. For example, if you are on your way to run into something, you might be able to feel this, and avoid hitting whatever did come into your way. Or you might feel the energy of an object before you touch it.

Clif High refers to the energetic extension of particles and magnetic fields as a source of light, being the explanation for the auras that some people can see around living organisms.

Bloop movement


Ether (or Aether) is a substance believed to fill all of space. This concept goes back to historical times, and is also associated with alchemy and esoteric practices. It is a medium of transmitting various energetic forces, vibrations, light, and magnetism. The concept of oriented energetic and astral bodies relates to the existence of Ether.

Our understanding of the Ether is limited because of the abandonment of this idea in the 1880:s when a different paradigm for explaining such phenomena was established.

Clif High refers to Boscovich as an “etherist”, but it is hard to find further information on this. Searching through the book “A Theory of Natural Philosophy” by Boscovich, we have not found any mention of either. The precise role of ether in the Little Bloop Theory remains a bit fuzzy to us, but we believe it is related to the forces forming nexus points of matter and magnetism. The "puncta" proposed by Boscovich.

Little Bloop vs Big Bang

According to Clif High, the balance between Time and Space affecting the matter in The Little Bloop Theory, gives a more complete explanation of the clockwork of the Universe than the Big Bang theory.

He explains that the bloop model does not suffer from the holes in the Big Bang theory and the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. Clif High considers the Big Bang theory to be a materialistic construct that does not take consciousness into consideration.

The Little Bloop Theory, on the other hand, can explain both consciousness and the nature of the materium. It can also explain esoteric and mysterious concepts related to topics such as time travel, UFO propulsion technologies, traveling faster than the speed of light, and the significance of meditation practices and consciousness technologies.

In the Newtonian model, objects are persistent through time, and motion is created by applying force to these objects. In this model, the movement of UFOs, for example, cannot be explained. All kinds of paranormal phenomena related to consciousness are hard to explain, such as precognition, remote viewing, anti-gravity technology, and telekinesis.

Computer Games

In the Little Bloop Theory, the materium is static, and it is consciousness that causes movement and change. We can note that this is somewhat similar to a computer game, where each screen of the game is rendered many times every second. In between the static screens, the program computes the next game state, and applies motion vectors, collision detection and so on, to the game objects. For the player of the game, the game is experienced as a world of continuous and flowing interaction. When the player is fully immersed into the game, she or he is not aware of the program that creates the game experience.

In some games, the player can alter the game universe by editing objects and game characters, and certain games can be scripted using a programming language, allowing the player to alter the logic of the game.

This analogy is also made by Michael Cremo, in his book “Human Devolution”.

By learning how to connect to consciousness, humans may be able to gain the capacity to influence the materium in new kinds of ways.

Paradox of Creation

The paradox of what created the materium in the first place, is explained in the Little Bloop Theory by that it was some form of consciousness that set the pulse off.

When the Big Bang theory attempts to explain what created the incredibly dense cluster of matter that existed at the creation of the Universe, it fails to explain how that matter came into being in the first place. One could argue that it has always existed, but that kind of falls short and is not a very satisfactory answer.

By introducing consciousness, existing outside of time and space, this dilemma is resolved when it comes to how matter was created (as a little bloop of energy emerging from consciousness).

But now we are left with new questions. What is consciousness? How did consciousness come to exist? Possibly the self referential aspect of consciousness as being that which experiences itself, holds the key to the answer to these fundamental questions.

To understand all of this, we are of the belief that you have to begin studying and experiencing consciousness in new ways, by practicing different forms of meditation and rediscover ancient forms of consciousness technologies (both as individuals and as a society).

The Conscious Self and the Soul

In the Little Bloop Theory, consciousness exists outside of the materium and the space-time continuum. The materium, which includes our bodies, is going through a constant flow of construction and destruction. Consciousness, however, does not get destructed and rebuilt on each pulse. It exists continuously, also in the voids of the pulse. We are therefore eternal.

When the pulse is recreating itself it finds us in the materium by way of the unique frequency we have as an individual, the particular life spark in each of us. This spark can be thought of as the soul, a link between the body in the materium and the eternal consciousness. The soul can also be thought of as the personal karma of your body in the materium.

Matter and time does not exist in the void and is utterly destroyed and rebuilt again in the next pulse, but consciousness is not. Consciousness is eternal. This is why the Universe is able to rebuild itself. Consciousness exists between the pulses, separated from the materium.

This model relates to the concept of the soul and the philosophical debate of consciousness being separated from the body.

Michael Cremo presents a similar model in his book “Human Devolution”, where he views a human as consisting of (1) the material body, (2) the subtle body or mind, and (3) consciousness.

The Little Bloop Theory can be seen as sharing several characteristics with ancient beliefs and esoteric concepts. It is the very essence of the theory that consciousness is the essence of existence and that it existed before the materium.

Reincarnation, Karma, and the Akashic Records

According to Clif High, humans reincarnate. But we have no memories of our previous lifes. If we had, says Clif High, we would not be able to interpret the materium properly (it is unclear to us why).

When we die, our sensory memories are extracted and distilled into a single dot. This small remnant is brought on into the next life as intuition, helping us to make decisions fast and accordly, without thinking.

The older your soul is, the more intuition you have. In each of our lives, we develop further, and our intuition grows larger. Intuition is carried over with each and every life, in a continuous progression of oneself over time.

Every time you live and die, you add to the sum of the total consciousness that is the Universe. What you have added to your internal level, you bring with you into your next life. This is also relate to Karma.

The Universe will put challenges in front of us, it is up to us to react to and deal with them. How you deal with these challenges adds to your Karma.

You can choose to avoid those challenges for now, but sooner or later you must deal with them. The Universe will keep sending us the same challenge again and again, life after life, until we are forced to reconcile or otherwise resolve the challenge. If a challenge is avoided or denied, it accumulates over time and becomes more intense and apparent.

You are part of the experience of the Universe. This experience is repeated and is self-referential. This collected experience forms the Akashic Records, which can be thought of as a database of all of the Universe and all of human activity and experience.

Time Travel

Clif High strongly dismisses the concept of time travel as impossible, because of the conscious memory of the Universe only being able to recreate the most recent pulse of the materium.

We cannot exist at a material level in any other time than now, in the present moment. Therefore it is impossible to travel back 20 years in time and materialize there.

The Universe would not be able to reproduce that state, because then the whole of the materium would need to be restored to that point in time.

This is believed to be impossible, and would be more like an “undo” than actual time travel. Furthermore, we would not exist as the individuals we are today, should such an “undo” be attempted.

UFO Propulsion

Clif High suggests that magnetic propulsion would make it possible to move in the voids between the pulses. This could explain the numerous observations of UFOs that move in ways that violate the known laws of physics.

Pilot observing the movement pattern of a UFO

Travelling outside the “field” of the materium does not represent movement in a classical sense. It is the ability to control the “blueprints” of the consciousness of the Universe itself, and manipulate them to recreate a craft at a certain place in the next pulse.

A space ship could then move at incredible speed by recreating itself using a 1 millimeter, or 1 centimeter, movement vector in each pulse, for example. In addition, a ship that has the capacity to “move in the voids” could alter the direction of the moment vector, making 90 degree turns and other spectacular maneuvers possible. One could also speculate that it might be possible to recreate the ship at a location many lightyears away.

This method would enable faster than light travel, and explain the navigational patterns reported by UFO witnesses.

Magnetic Drives, Teleportation, and Consciousness Technology

Magnetic drives could work by creating local distortions within the field known as the “Ether”. As we understand it, the Ether exerts forces on matter, creating clusters of particles in the materium. Magnetism is such a force within the Ether.

A magnetic field is a localized distortion of the Ether. The magnetic field extends out to a certain distance and then fades off. We use magnetism in many parts of our current technology, by having a magnetic field charged and discharged, in an electric motor, for instance.

A magnetic drive would work by creating a sustained, magnetic disturbance relative to a craft. By creating a disturbance in the etheric field, a force effect is applied, a burst of magnetism that causes a vessel to move. This is essentially magnetic shockwaves and UFOs are shockwave riders.

”Beam me up Scotty!” — If you have the technology to manipulate the blueprints of the pulse, you could take your template and recreate it on Mars in the void between the pulses. You would then travel outside of time as we know it and be able to go to nearby or distant places instantaneously.

Clif High also goes into the concept of consciousness technology. He proposes that the propulsion systems believed to be used by UFOs, can only be mastered and controlled at a higher level of consciousness. He also suggests that scientists have failed to understand and fly any crashed and recovered UFOs, since they are analysing them from a materialistic point of view.


Several of the concepts proposed by Clif High are truly mind-boggling. If the Universe itself is made from consciousness energy, the ability to use remote viewing, telepathy and all kinds of PSI-powers becomes credible. But if we look at society today, where do we have our focus?

Are we focused on materialistic and mechanistic aspects of life, matter, time and space? Or are we actively investigating consciousness and researching ancient knowledge from the past, available to us in the form of numerous myths and legends? Which path have we chosen?

And where are we heading? Are we aiming at “transhumanism”, where we merge with technology? Or are we promoting the discovery of knowledge in the realm of meditation, shamanism, and other spiritual traditions of ancient origin?

The outcome of our near and distant future is very much in your hands. Or rather, in your mind. What do you focus on?

List of Lectures

The following are selected video lectures by Clif High, where he introduces and elaborates on the Little Bloop Theory.

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