The Legend of the Five Suns

Gösta Lindwall, June 7, 2021

As part of our research for our next book in the series ”Ancient Mysteries Illustrated”, I have read Mark Carlotto's book, Before Atlantis

Ancient sites are frequently found to be aligned with cardinal directions and celestial bodies. However, there are also many sites that deviate from the current alignment of the North Pole. What can this mean? Is it possible that the crust of the Earth has moved at some point, changing the geographic position of the North Pole?

Ancient temple aligned with the cardinal directions

Ancient temple aligned with the cardinal directions

A variety of hypotheses concerning cataclysmic pole shifts and Earth crust displacements have been presented by alternative researchers. Charles Hapgood is one of the best known. He has never been accepted by the scientific community, maybe because his explanation involves massive ice sheets creating an imbalance of the globe (which seems a bit far fetched). Aside from this, he did present actual geographic positions of previous poles.

Mark Carlotto has been researching ancient, megalithic buildings and their deviation in alignment towards cardinal directions, grouping them into four previous pole positions.

Dr. Carlotto is a trained scholar, meticulous in his work. By using the tool ”Google Earth”, he’s been able to group ancient buildings across the globe according to variations in their angle towards cardinal directions (specifically the North Pole).

His method is based on tracing cardinal lines of ancient buildings towards the north until they cross each other. He found that the buildings he studied align towards four different positions in the northern hemisphere. These possibly mark previous locations of the North Pole. This could explain the variations in alignments of ancient buildings.

Carlotto used the hypothetical previous pole positions he found, and also data presented by other researchers, to categorise ancient sites according to their alignment. Many buildings across the globe were analysed, and the discovery of four distinct groups is indeed interesting. This indicates the existence of patterns that are not random, but precise and shared by buildings located far apart. His findings could also be used as a method for dating ancient sites that are of an unknown age.

Categorisation of alignment of ancient buildings

Categorisation of alignment of ancient buildings

Carlotto also refers to cataclysmic events in historical myths to define the cause for these pole shifts. In the case of the Mayans, he points to the association to gods of fire and other elements representing the various suns.

Similar dating techniques have been applied to the Precession of the Equinoxes. Ancient sites that are aligned with the stars and other celestial bodies can be dated by analysing their alignment with historical constellations.

What was exciting and new to me was that Carlotto connected previous positions of the pole to ancient myths. I was aware of the Mayan legend about the ”Five Suns”, but Carlotto took this a couple of steps further when connecting them to these earlier pole positions and presenting a timescale for the epochs. For example, in ancient Greece there were also legends about past ages.

Timeline of the Five Suns

Timeline of the Five Suns

Another related question appears in relation to the myth itself. Is the legend of the Five Suns evidence of Earth crust displacement?

Early human civilisations took great effort in measuring seasons by using calendars marking passages of the Sun, lunar phases, and star constellations.

If something like an Earth crust displacement occurred it would probably have been as a result of a major cataclysmic event.

When a human society rebuilt after such a cataclysm, some of their stone calendars would still be standing in the landscape and some humans would still have remembered their use.

After the Earth’s crust had moved, the alignment of the Sun towards calendar stones would no longer be correct. A deviation would have occurred, and a natural explanation might have been that a new Sun had appeared in the sky. This scenario makes the legend itself evidence for the occurrence of Earth crust displacements.

For people like me, searching for evidence of lost civilizations, Carlotto's theories include actual facts pointing towards forgotten episodes of our ancient history.

The new Sun deviates from the previous one

The new Sun deviates from the previous one

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