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Gösta Lindwall, August 23, 2021


Video discussing the process of making clamps for keystone cuts Watch the Video


This video is a follow-up on two previous post about keystone cuts, published in March 2020. It is our intention to present this material in a chapter of an upcoming book we are working on. This book will be richly illustrated with a focus on Ancient Anomalies (such as keystone cuts). Our first book, Tale of a Sunken City, focuses on evidence of a lost "mother civilization".

Keystone Cuts

Keystone cuts are a remarkable construction detail discovered in a number of ancient megalithic buildings.

The cuts consists of holes made in the stones of the building. These cuts commonly have a characteristic kind of I-shape. The cuts are on the edge surfaces of the stones and fits perfectly together, creating a hole that connects two building blocks.

These holes likely contained metal clamps that connected and secured two adjacent blocks of stone.

Keystone cuts are found in megalithic buildings across the globe. This indicates that some form of global civilization existed, spreading the knowledge of how to make them over multiple continents, separated by vast seas.

How Were the Clamps Made?

The question is, how were the metal clamps for the cuts created?

The two main possibilities considered by historians are that they either were pre-fabricated, or were cast on the construction site. Did an ancient civilization have the knowledge to achieve any of these two constructs?

Casting the clamps on site would have required the use of some kind of mobile forge. Prefabricating them, would have required technology to make then fit precisely, or use of some kind of material that could expand to fill the hole once in place.

To research the feasibility of the scenario involving the use of a mobile forge, I contacted the Swedish Historical Casting Society, to get their view on the subject. I made a sketch that I sent to them, and then I refined the sketch based on their feedback.

The illustration below shows a possible scenario. Did the ancients have the technology to create a mobile forge like the one shown here? According to the members of the Historical Casting Society, it is likely that they could achieve this.

Updated illustration of the process of making clamps for Keystone Cuts

Illustration of the process of making clamps for keystone cuts using a mobile forge

Watch the Video

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