Keystone Cuts Illustrated - Part 1

Gösta Lindwall, March 7, 2020

Update: There is now a video about the mystery of keystone cuts.

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This post was originally published on Facebook in the group Forbidden Archaeology and other Mysteries.

Illustration of the process of making clamps for Keystone Cuts

Illustration of the process of making clamps for Keystone Cuts

My name is Gösta Lindwall. I am new to this group.

I am a professional illustrator interested in historical mysteries, mostly about missing links and anomalies in architectural structures, historical maps, astronomy and things like that.

I follow people like Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, Michael Cremo, Brien Forester and Mark Carlotto. I know about Charles Hapgood’s work on historical maps, professor Posnansky’s work in Puma Punko and others.

I am currently working on a book project, where my first idea was a book for Swedish readers, explaining the work of some of the people above. It can be hard for people with English as a second language to fully understand all details presented in a one hour Youtube video, or to be able to read a massive paperback book. Illustrations can help explaining concepts presented in books and videos.

This project has now evolved into a kind of ”Historical Mysteries Illustrated” book, where I use available sources and get help from experts to create credible illustrations on interesting historical phenomena. There are a lot of interesting findings and theories in this field that could be explained and visualized using pictures and illustrations. Therefore, I now plan for a book in English.

Part of my reason for joining this group is to connect to people with similar interests and get feedback on my work. I intend to start posting illustrations and graphics here in the group to get feedback and have a discussion about the subjects presented.

My most resent work, which is partly still a sketch, is an illustration of the process of making clamps for Keystone Cuts. As most of you probably know, this is a common construction technique found on megalithic buildings around the world created in ancient times.

The process of producing clamps the would probably require a team using some kind of portable melting oven. I am currently in contact with The Swedish Historical Casting Society for support in creating this illustration.

I would be happy to hear if anyone has got information on the use and production of keystone cuts and clamps, and what you think of the illustration I am working on. Could it be a credible account of how the clamps were made? Any theories or comments about this?

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