Flying Crafts Tablet in the Egyptian Abydos Temple

Gösta Lindwall, March 13, 2020

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I am working on a chapter in our book that discusses anomalistic objects and artifacts as evidence for lost civilizations.

Stone depictions and reliefs are interesting examples, and my earliest favorite is the Craft tablet in the Egyptian Abydos temple. Various flying crafts are clearly seen in the depiction.

Reconstructing the process of the formation of the flying crafts in the Abydos tablet

Reconstructing the process of the formation of the flying crafts in the Abydos tablet

One explanation for the crafts is that they are the result of two layers on the stone. In my opinion this could be a plausible explanation.

The first layer of the tablet was made during the rein of Seti I. Later in the rein of Rames II, the temple was completed and part of the tablet plastered over with a new depiction.

The quality of the layer of Rames II was inferior to that of his father. As a result the shoddy work started to dry out and fall off the stone. After a few millennia, a mix of the two inscriptions had created the Abydos helicopter.

I started to create illustrations of the two versions of the inscriptions, as separate layers. During this process I copied matching details from the original and combined them into my two versions of the inscriptions. In reality I backtracked part of the image and step by step connected details with the two versions.

During this work, I became more and more convinced that this explanation is correct, and the strong image in my mind of the crafts in the hieroglyph began to fade. I could see traces of the two versions of the tablet also in the available photos.

A remaning question is the probability of four craft like depictions being created side by side in the same hieroglyph by the hand of erosion.

What is your impression of the established explanation and the pure fact that the crafts exist in the depiction?

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