A Hypothetical City 12,800 Years Ago

Gösta Lindwall, April 22, 2020

What created the Black Mat Layer? The Younger Dryas layer that exists because of increased organic carbon (0.05–8%) compared with the layers above and below it. Since it was discovered by geologists, researchers have been hypothesising about what kind of cataclysmic event could have created this layer and brought such a massive devastation on a large part of the globe.

In 2007, Richard B. Firestone and his colleagues, published a research paper on the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling 12,800 to 11,600 BP. They documented the presence of a total of 14 proxis at many locations at the base of the Younger Dryas boundary layer (Black Mat Layer), indicative of an extraterrestrial impact 12,800 years ago. A conclusion that is still under debate among scientists.

Others, like the Comet Research Group, have connected this event to an asteroid swarm that is intersecting with earth's orbit around the sun twice a year. One theory is that a large comet or asteroid was fragmented when it approached earth's gravity, causing multiple fragments to impact on the ice sheet of the northern hemisphere. This is believed to have caused the rapid ice melt and the 400 feet water rise at the end of the Pleistocene.

Besides the enormous climate change and the land devastation, one brutal effect of the cataclysmic event was the extinction of the megafauna. Humans living at the time of the impact must also have been severely affected. We know about the Clovis people disappearing at the same time. The Clovis are portrayed as a primitive indigenous culture. But what if there was a more advanced global civilisation present?

The existence of a lost civilisation has been hypothesised by many, and there are a lot of anomalies and potential evidence pointing to this.

If such a civilization existed, what was it like? How did they live? What did they look like, and how did they dress? Did they have cities?

Would it be possible to guess the technological level of such an hypothesised civilisation?

We know about the huge megalithic blocks used in ancient buildings, and the precision in constructing them. Some misplaced anomalies like the Baghdad Battery and the Antikythera Mechanism, point to a legacy of a lost higher technology.

Some stone age megalithic constructions have metallic clamps in key stone cuts connecting the stones.

Many megalithic sites are constructed with a knowledge of advanced mathematics and astronomy. And there are many other examples of such evidence.

There are 16th century maps that are said to be based on much older source maps. There are at least five historical maps depicting Antarctica. At least one of them is based on knowledge of advanced global triangulation, which is an anomaly, since global map projection based on triangulation requires advanced mathematics and high technology.

What was life like in an Ice age city and what would it look like?

It is mind boggling to envision what we would see if it was possible to travel back in time and get a view of a city 12,800 years ago. Would it be a high tech civilisation with flying objects and robotics? Or would it look like a renaissance village with technology similar to what Leonardo da Vinci envisioned? Maybe we would encounter a Victorian city, with Jules Verne style flying airships and submarines in the harbour?

Ancient city 12800 years ago

In this illustration, I am depicting life in an ancient city, right at the onset of the impact event. The city is located in North America, within visible range of the edge of the ice wall.

In my depiction, I have used elements from the remains of Machu Picchu and ornaments of the South American cultures. The city is built from large stone blocks and wood. Animals of the megafauna are seen on the streets. The work force could have included domesticated Mammoths and Megadonts. Maybe they had large mammals for company and entertaining the public. The textile fabric and wall paintings are inspired by the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures.

Ancient city market square 12800 years ago

Closeup of the market square in the city.

This illustration will be available here on our website in higher resolution and print out size for posters.

The search goes on!

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