Ancient Mysteries


Our Approach

We have an interdisciplinary approach. We have a background in visual communication, digital media, comics, graphical illustration, university research, teaching, production of teaching materials, computer science, meditation and shamanic work.

By using a mindful approach, we attempt to reach clarity and balance in our interpretation of findings and theories. To look outside of our thought bubbles, rather than be confined by our preconceptions and imposed values.


We believe that knowledge of ancient history can greatly benefit humanity, and free us from the mental cage imposed by society and selective views on human history.

Conscious awareness and mindfulness have the potential to help us to understand our history and the world we live with greater clarity. By reprogramming ourselves we can let go of limiting thought patterns and emotions.

The Team

TrueRealityNow is made by Gösta Lindwall and Mikael Kindborg.

We are an independent research team investigating Ancient Mysteries and related subjects.

Gösta Lindwall is a professional illustrator and comic book artist and author, with life-long experience from communication and digital media. He has a long interest in ancient history, forbidden archeology, and other mysteries.

Mikael Kindborg has a PhD in Computer Science and Visual Communication, and is a certified Rosen Movement Teacher. He has a strong interest in exploring the unknown, the human mind, meditation, and shamanism. He is looking into the possible existence of consciousness technologies that were developed and used by ancient civilisations. Could the methods found in Yoga, meditation and related body-mind teachings, be the remains of advanced ancient consciusness technologies?

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